Leadership: The difference 1 minute can make…

Leadership: The difference 1 minute can make…

Everyone I speak to says that they are busy and says that they like being busy and seeing their people busy, but I wonder if they see, pausing to think and reflect before acting as action in its own right?

In my experience one of the most significant actions a business leader or owner can undertake, is to pause and reflect before acting and sometimes all it needs is one minute. Don’t believe me? Here’s 7 things you can do in a minute which could significantly impact on the success of you and your business:

  1. If you’re the kind of leader that likes to act first, pause for 1 minute – it won’t kill you, I promise – and you are likely to benefit from starting less.
  2. If you’re the kind of leader that likes to think before acting, think for one minute less and use that minute to take your first step – you’ll benefit from starting more. 
  3. Choose to say well done for what has been achieved , instead of highlighting what needs to improve first. 
  4. Ask yourself – why are we doing this? And see if your answer is ‘strong’ enough.
  5. Ask at the end of a meeting with your team; what are we going to do differently as a result of this meeting (and by when)?  
  6. Breathe and let your mind relax – it could be your greatest moment of clarity.
  7. Grab a glass of water – it’s good for you.
Of course the 1 minute I talk about, is metaphorical – it could be 1 hour, 1 day, or 1 week – the concept is the same. Even if you can only afford 1 minute, it’s still worth doing.
Leadership is all about identifying what actions will make the biggest difference; consider the following questions:
  • What could it be costing you not to pause and use your ‘minute’ wisely? 
  • What could it be costing you to pause for one minute longer than you need to and not using that minute to move forward?

I’m here to help…Listening, Collaborating, Advising and Speaking…

If you find it a challenge to pause and reflect or to act quickly and stop thinking about the options or implications – give me a call today on 07736942382 or e-mail me at stefan@yourleadershipcounsel.co.uk I can help you and more importantly I would love to…

Thank you for reading


Example Testimonial – Here’s just one example of the outcomes working with me through coaching and collaboration can achieve:

“We used Stefan last year to help us on a specific area in our business,  with great success. This got us thinking about other aspects of our  business in which we could do  better with some coaching from Stefan. Once  we had identified an area, we asked Stefan to work with us on this. After an initial face to face meeting to discuss the issues around this, we had follow up telephone coaching over several months. This really helped focus our minds, and although we still have a way to go yet, with Stefan’s  help,  we are well on track to turn around this part of our business.” Andy Neath – Senior Agent – NFU Mutual Agent Chesterfield


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