New Study: Conventional Leadership Practice Doesn’t Work

New Study: Conventional Leadership Practice Doesn’t Work

In a new study conducted by the Yadsloof Leadership Institute in Czechoslovakia it has been found that conventional leadership theory and practice does not, in reality, bring the success and outcomes promised.

Having interviewed and observed 2500 leaders and managers across the globe, Professor Tsuj Gniyl highlights that “whilst effective leaders say that they motivate, inspire and develop their people to succeed, the reality is very different. Our study found that good old fashioned autocratic approaches designed to bring about obedience and a follower mindset are the most effective approaches to increasing employee performance”.

In the five year study Professor Tsuj Gniyl and his team found that the most effective leaders hold the following 7 fundamental beliefs of leadership success:

1) They believe that visions and values should be left to creative types only as business people don’t need fluffy thinking and should focus on agreeing financial metrics for success.

2) They save purpose, strategy and planning for the army as they recognise that the plans will “just change anyway” and believe that planning and preparation lead to poor performance by stifling motivation.

3) They set unrealistic goals for their organisation to get their people to strive for success and recognise they need to do more when they don’t achieve it.

4) Effective leaders never say thank you or give praise as it “breeds needy people” who will always rely on their leader’s superior knowledge, skills and experience to achieve their targets.

5) They fire and hire new people when the ‘old’ ones fail – believing that training and coaching doesn’t work and that “you’ve either got it or you haven’t”. Additionally they believe that asking for help or support is a sign of leadership weakness.

6) Effective leaders evaluate and communicate results in terms of what it means for them, their career and how many holidays they’ll be able to go on each year believing that their people are motivated by helping their ‘boss’ do well.

7) They shout and bark orders at their people in the recognition that asking nicely never made them do anything so why should it work for their people.

The study also highlighted that 99% of effective leaders observed considered that being an effective leader was down to their superior genetics and that leadership capability is born and cannot be developed.

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As an experienced Executive Coach specialising in coaching business leaders in how to get the best performance from themselves and their people, I’ve seen a lot of the above behaviours in practice. The traits described always bring results; demotivated staff, high employee turnover, poor customer satisfaction scores and poor work life balance for the leader.

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