I’m tired of the leadership/management debate…

I’m tired of the leadership/management debate…

Yet another Linkedin post; what’s the difference between leadership and management? Arghhh!!!!

I cannot help but be struck by the continued confusion that many in our profession – ‘leadership’ – development create where they seek to create clarity. 

By continuing to define a difference between leadership and management we lose the opportunity to create a new overarching term for those with the responsibility for achieving predetermined outcomes with and through others. 

The reality in practice…

The reality in practice is that in the modern world anyone with that responsibility, must in order to be truly effective, possess the competence and capabilities of both. For some reason we continue to create an impression that they are so very different that they are functions of different people. Worse still, on many occasions, this approach exacerbates the limiting belief that management is subservient to leadership and we in turn disenfranchise those with ‘manager’ in their title, raising on a pedestal those deemed to hold leadership positions. 

Starsky without Hutch…

Your truest test are your people and they recognise that their greatest ‘boss’ ever, empowered them when they were ready and drew them in for counsel when it was needed. In my words leadership without management (in the same person) is like Starsky without Hutch or Sherlock without Holmes. 

It’s less about the what and more about the how…

I believe that we need a new overarching term and wish we’d spend the countless hours we do debating the differences on solving, instead, the conundrum of how we help people to actually do both. It’s less about the what and more about the how.

And yes that might mean a change of brand name for me – what does it mean for you?

Who am I? Stefan Powell…

I am yourleadershipcounsel, a father, husband, part time rock star and passionately bonkers about helping leaders get the most from themselves and their people.

What my clients have said…

“Stefan has been really valuable in guiding us as a company on our journey of cultural change, his passion to ensure we succeed as a company shines through…Thank you, we look forward to our continuing journey” Paul Hunt – Managing Director – Phoebus Software Ltd


2 thoughts on “I’m tired of the leadership/management debate…

  1. Hi Stefan, I couldn’t agree more! I believe that to enable the shift away from hierarchical command & control, and to acknowledge the fact that great ‘bosses’ need to be both these things, there’s something about a new title the reflects the fact a great ‘boss’ is in fact more of an enabler & facilitator of their team than a controller. I know a job title won’t automatically change behaviour but I do believe it’s an important part of starting a shift in mindset. Thanks for the post.

    • My absolute pleasure Helen and thank you for your response. I believe that if enough of us pull together we can make that shift happen. We just need to share our vision, hone our strategy and bring the knowledge, experience and skills we have together to transform the workplace and in turn home life for the next generation. Anythings possible; we just need to help people to want it enough. Are you up for starting a revolution? ^Stefan

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