I am not a number…

I am not a number…

  • I have a family to feed and a wife and child to be home for.
  • I believe passionately in what we’re trying to do.
  • I celebrate just as hard as you do when we succeed.
  • I hurt when I hear our organisation being critiqued.
  • I wonder if we’ll make it long term.
  • I wonder whether I’ll still be here next year.
  • I am the chief executive of the organisation and I’m a human being too.

As you read this; what were you thinking…

At every level in an organisation there are people seeking to feel valued. No matter the position held; we are all human beings and none of us are numbers. As human beings we recognise that we are valued when:

  • Our opinions are heard
  • People recognise our highs and our lows
  • Please and thank you are the norm
  • Tomorrow actually does come 
  • We are given the time and support we need to succeed
  • Others challenge us and we know it’s because they believe that we have it in us to be even greater.

…delivering a sense of value through your leadership team

It’s not as easy as everyone would have you believe to make people feel valued, especially from afar. The key is to develop a sense of being valued, and the importance of actively valuing others, in your own leadership team first. In turn passing this onto your people.

To do this may require assistance…

Ensure that your own leadership team feel valued and get them to explore what makes them feel valued and how they can deliver this through their own reports into the business.

This may require the assistance of a coach, experienced in the ways of team coaching and sensitively handling tricky team based conversations and with the ability to bring the topic safely to the table and generate successful outcomes from the conversation.

Your starting point…

Your starting point is to evaluate how well you are already doing. Ask yourself; how much of this valued culture are you:

  • Seeing?
  • Creating?
  • Responding to?

By reflecting on your own embodiment of the culture you seek you can begin to make a considerable difference to your personal impact and in turn the impact of those around you.

If something is getting in the way…

If something is getting in the way of this happening as often as you’d like; get in touch and we can discuss how to bring about the change you seek.

  • Twitter: @stefanpowell
  • E-mail: stefan@yourleadershipcounsel.co.uk 
  • Phone +44 (0) 7736942382

Who am I? Stefan Powell…

I am yourleadershipcounsel, a father, husband, part time rock star and passionately bonkers about helping leaders get the most from themselves and their people.

What my clients have said…

“Inspirational – easy, thorough and methodical to work with while also intuitive, imaginative, creative, incredibly flexible and very accommodating”. Wendy Stern – Chair of Action For Involvement – http://www.actionforinvolvement.org.uk


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