Are you ready to lead your people into 2016?

It’s rapidly approaching the end of the year and if you’re anything like those that approach me to work with them; this year will either be falling at your feet in submission or standing over you asking what have you achieved this year?

No matter whether it’s been a great year or less than you’d intended, end of year reflections offer you the opportunity to renew and refresh.

The success that many of my leadership clients see, comes from accepting that “the most effective action often begins with a period of reflection, followed by acceptance and then planning”. My question for you is; Have you paused yet to reflect on this year? 

Reflections on your 2015

Here’s 12 questions to help bring a renewed sense of purpose, enthusiasm and the spark needed to make next year the success you want:

Repeating and building on success 

  • What did you aim to achieve this year?
  • What have you achieved?
  • What has gone well this year?
  • What have you done to bring this success about?
  • How could you see even more of this success in 2016?
  • What will it mean for you to repeat your successes?
  • What will you do and how will you know when you’ve been successful?

Opportunities to be even better

  • What didn’t you achieve this year?
  • Which of these elements will have the greatest impact for you and your people in 2016?
  • What would be the impact of seeing success in these elements for your business in 2016?
  • What would need to change in order for you to see success in the elements you have identified? 
  • What will you do and how will you know when you’ve been successful?

Having completed this exercise…

Having reflected on these 12 questions, you’re now ready to identify the success you wish to see and the changes you can make to bring this success about.

An extra question 

Too often we define the activities that need to change but forget to consider who we need to be in order to deliver those changes. Now consider this:

  • Who do you need to remain/become in order to repeat and build on the success you achieved in 2015?

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

In the meantime have a wonderful end to 2015.


Who am I? Stefan Powell…

I am yourleadershipcounsel, a father, husband, part time rock star and passionately bonkers about helping leaders get the most from themselves and their people.


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